Easily-tricked : gullible

Earnest : serious, solemn, impressive

Eccentric : whimsical, capricious, crazy, freakish

Ecclesiastical : churchly, theocratic, heavenly

Embezzlement : peculation, defalcation, misappropriation

Essence : extract, elite, kernel, abstract, pith

Excavation : unearthing, exhuming, digging, delving,

sapping, undermining

Excuse : pardon, excuse, apology, condoling,


Exile : banishment, deportation, expatriation

Existence : entity, subsistence, being

Eager : earnest, avid, willing, desirous

Edification : improvement, up building, uplifting,

elevation, invigoration, strengthening

Elucidate : explain, illustrate, comment

Enervation : exhaustion

Ennui : boredom

Erotic : aphrodisiac, erotogenic, amatory

Effulgence : arrogance, haughtiness,


Endorse : legislate, pass, enact, ordain, agree,


Elegance : cultivation, culture, aesthesis, grace

Extempore : at once, on the spur of the moment

Elevation : eminence, loftiness, sublimity, height,

zenith, culmination

Enormous : immense, vast, colossal, monumental

Equilibrium : equipoise, balance, steadiness, poise


Fame : reputation. Glory, renown, well known

Face : countenance, visage

Fatal : lethal, deadly

Fatigue : overtax, extort, suck, squeeze, grind, tiredness, exhaust

Flattery : sycophancy, adulation, fawning, buttering

Flourish : thrive, prosper, ameliorate, develop,

evolve, progress

Foison : plenty, abundance, copiousness,

redundancy, exuberance, excess,


Folly : stupidity, simpleton, duffer, dullard- ness

Flatterer : sycophant, parasite, sponger, jackal,


Frank : candid, open-minded

Freedom : liberty, redemption, riddance, deliverance,


Faith : creed, doctrine, dogma, tenet, religion, conviction

Farce : comedy, burlesque, parody, travesty, caricature

Felony : crime, offence, sin, trespass

Feud : quarrel, row, bickering, contention,

discord, jarring, clashing, broil.

Fiction : story, tale, romance, fabrication,

imagination, fancy, fantasy, fable

Flag : standard, banner, colours, ensign, pennant, streamer

Flutter : vacillation, oscillation, consistency,


Foment : excite, stimulate

Forbid : repulse, repel

Fated : destined

Frank : ingenuous

Fickle : changeable, irresolute, wavering,

unsteady, amenable

Fraud : imposture, deception, duplicity

Feeble : frail, languid, faint, week

Fructify : generate, impregnate, multify

Fragmentary : broken, crumbly, in bits, in pieces